Bora Bora Short Sleeve Rash Vest in Sapphire & Emerald

Bora Bora Short Sleeve Rash Vest in Sapphire & Emerald

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UPF50 Sunvest

When you need just a little more coverage, and still look feminine, our Bora Bora sunvest is perfect! Your chest and shoulders are most vulnerable to sunburn, but this sunvest will protect them from UV rays, and you can match it to any of our Sapphire & Emerald bikini bottoms. 

  • UV Protection 50+

  • Fabric composition: 83% Polyamide - 17% Elastane

  • Made in Europe

  • Alma Society, committed to protecting your skin.

What are rash vests?

Rash vests, rash guards, rashies and long sleeve swimsuits are made for sunbathing, swimming or watersports. The name reflects the prevention of rashes from sand, sea or sun.

Rash vests offer protection from the sun (sometimes they referred to as UV tops). One environmental benefit of protective swimwear is that less sunscreen may be necessary, reducing the amount of chemicals washing away in the sea.

Rash vests were born from necessity and practicality, but our swimwear offers UPF sun protection, as well as looking feminine and glamorous for the fashion-conscious adult.