Manufactured Culture is unique. Our mission is to offer interior design objects from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe; countries that, before WW2 and Soviet domination, had many leading exponents in the fields of design, arts and crafts and that are now regaining their voice and status.

ManufacturedCulture.com is a modern, new outlet for contemporary expressions of this historically-important heritage. Furniture, object d'art, ceramics and lighting all find an expression that is interpreted in subtly different ways, reflecting the source country. Many products are limited editions or hand made, coming from independent designers and small factories who merge new design with traditional – often disappearing – craft skills.

ManufacturedCulture.com features new designers, as well as products by established manufacturers and artisans. Background information and details on the provenance and the people involved in the designs is available, providing the opportunity to understand cultural references that are unique in today's design world.

Manufactured Culture is based in LONDON and ships worldwide.